Saturday, December 28, 2013

Organic Perspective Matters

     I usually pace away from posts like this one ... however, it came out of me like an elephant, I was weak. 
     People reason that organic food is expensive, they can't afford it. I say, we can't afford to not eat organic. I've been poor, I know what's it like to go to the grocery store with 10 dollars. I still bought organic. I fed two people for a couple of days. And my cat still ate organic&raw. So I don't buy the expensive excuse. 
     We cannot afford to not buy organic. That "conventional" food people buy is poisonous. The FDA makes sure of it - they are supported by Large and Rich, supported by byproducts of toxic factories. Those organizations break into co-ops with loaded semi-automatics to stop the sales of raw organic milk, to protect the milk with puss it in from sick & miserable cows. The scientists say it would take millions of years to biodegrade the chemicals being produced today. Those chemicals are in our food. A lot of farmers get money from the government to use those chemicals. An organic farmer gets no financial assistance, and must pay for organic certification. If you only knew how much the organic farmer cares about you - to him you're family. Government farmer's food is nutritionally dead, it's grown for profit, not for love. When you buy non-organic, you support the production of life-destroying matter. When you go out to eat, you pay the restaurant to poison you. And the restaurant makes money off you. Off sick, depressed and fat you. 
      Yes, I said fat. It's the most offensive adjective today, nevermind the racial slurs, or the cuss words, or the homophobia. You call someone fat, you might as well be dead. When I first switched to organic years ago, I lost weight along with other health issues. I was 21 years old, what health issues?! Sad, isn't it?
     When you buy GMOs, when you buy non-organic, what you are doing is saying: "I don't care about my health, my children, my neighbor, and I sure as hell don't give a shit about my planet". When you buy non-organic, you drift away from the spiritual, from the source, from health and from magic. You pay greed to poison you and destroy your life. Because you can afford it, you say. 
      Please, I beg you, stop this madness. We are crazy. We've been used and abused. Please smile.  Support your local organic people. Please plant a seed today. Put your hands into earth and give it love. And love yourself, you're beautiful. 

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