Thursday, November 20, 2014

When the sky dances above you

     I've been away from my birthplace for quite some time now, over half of my life. They say the water keeps you homesick - one yearns for the water from home. Water is magic. But that's another story...
     There's no way I'll learn how to speak another language like I speak my first. The colors, the textures, the waves and explosions of life weaved into syllables & sounds of my language that I am unable to convey through translation all gather in my chest, threatening to burst out through my tears. The oddest thing happens every time I walk into my native way, talk to someone in my native obnoxiousness - it feels like a thread pulls me together, it's so gooey-pleasant, it awakes me, intoxicates me & throws me into a plane where everything is possible. And so I dream & get drunk, and dance & sing out loud! Such a pattern! - it would make a great dress!

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