Monday, September 7, 2015

Early Morning

Watching the world go so fluidly through its rainbow chakra colors I remember, do you? Walking out of the tipi after the ayahuasca ceremony; going outside the warehouse, to the smoldering fire pit after wine and dancing and pills all night; cuddling with not-a-stranger-anymore after talking all night long, sand in between toes. Feeling the dryness on the lips, the vibration inside the body, some fullness in the belly from the butterflies tickling it all night long ... all ofthat, flooded with pure love, completed with never-ending possibilities. The static of reality is gone, don't look for it. Excited, smiling and content you stare at the sunrise, everything is Now. Everyday should be like this, rooted into the red of the sky, flowing through your own rainbow into the purple of the night, always with love, forever with magic. Will you remember?

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