Saturday, September 21, 2019

Sister Circle

     I am Alisa. I am 36 years old (I calculated this a week ago, that's how I know). I am a mother of two, sometimes three, kids. And that's pretty much all I know. My journey to myself started when my kids chose me as a parent. I've never been a woman and stayed away from other women. I had never accepted my womanhood, called it names, joked about it. My body was a shell to be rid of. My relationship with my parents was formal. And my love relationships kept falling apart.
     Today, I am in love with my children, my partner, my life, and I'm learning to be a woman in this lifetime. I am on a path to self-discovery, finding magic I've been longing for, learning the laws of the Universe, experimenting with every aspect of being. I am a student. I am a woman. I am human. I am strong and weak. I am a force. I am a child. And I'd like to turn all these "I"s into "We".
     What I would like to ask all the women in the community is to participate in a circle. A Circle of Sisterhood, if you will. We can name it something beautiful together. You and I, and every woman we know has a lot to offer - we're goddesses, women, girls, students, artists, mystics, shamans, healers, chefs, frequency holders, emotional containers, atoms, dancers, yogis, body workers, musicians, whisperers, astrologers, psychics, gardeners, witches, seamstresses, actresses, weavers, dreamers, alchemists, creators, muses; we're full of love, happiness, desires, emotional needs, we're hysterical and funny; and sometimes we're also stressed, lost, helpless, tired, sick, angry, unhappy, unwilling to ask for help, unable to accept love. Some of us have children, some don't. Some have husbands, some are divorced, some are seeking a good man. Or a good time.
     Here's my vision: taking into account all of the above, we, women, can gather, learn, discuss, exchange, share, discover together, hold space for sacred and, when needed, secretive. We can build each other up, inspire our daughters, grow with our sons, get to know our neighbors, help those in need, celebrate & recreate holidays, find ancient wisdoms, and just be. And by grand communal support we can create happy families, strong relationships. We can learn to belly laugh and dance and cry and hug the moon. Our souls are forever intertwined, and the possibilities are as vast and grand as the Universe. Will you join?

Art by Carrie Martinez

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