Saturday, November 22, 2014

If a Moose were I

     I can't say I'm very social. I can't stand a neighbor closer that 2 miles to my home, and my dogs are not friendly. I don't reply to text messages unless I'm in a mood to socialize. I don't ever make phone calls ... I run away from human situations.
     But I do like dance parties. And fires. And sharing a smoke, even though I don't like smoking. I like to people-watch & to observe. But please don't come up to me and ask me boring questions about my name, my place of birth and my hobbies. I love spontaneous everything, even people.
     I have to get ready mentally to go into work; unexpected "Can you come in and cover a shift?" turns me into a cussing monster who throws mayo at the walls.
     I despise being fake to people, and I fake it badly.
     I'm just really confused about it all. Please don't like my hair.
     But I love to love. And when I love, you'll feel like there's no one else in the Universe as majestic as you are. One-on-one, you & I - we are the World!

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