Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Holes & holes

     I suppose we are all holy. No, I meant holly as in full of holes (not evergreens). Full of holes & egos. And we all like to fill 'em holes with stuff, because empty is just so empty. Some drink, some drug themselves, some sing, some dance, you might hurt or paint or all of the above. I am not judging, I'm simply saying it out loud.
     All the pain I've been feeling is tearing me apart; it started at the chest, then moved down, then ripped more in all directions. "I've seen it with my own eyes - out of pain life is born." From inside of me light is shining, just like that - love has been exposed. Somehow pain doesn't hurt anymore, but rips me open, spilling colors into the world, soaking it in love. And what if I come out clean to myself, accept all that is - I can dance away...

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