Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dear Pope! Fist of all, can I become a man when I age? Secondly ...

     Heard an expression today, "eat dick and die". Wonder if it came to exist in someone's ireful moment of not thinking, or if someone really does believe the dick to be a poisonous substance? Maybe I should consult the Catholic church on this.

     UPdate16Nov'16: I think the original was "Eat, shit and die." But then some illiterate person removed the comma: "Eat shit & die". And then someone else thought, why just shit, I wish this person ate dick. Dick for life. And then died from it! Or maybe it was just "Eat, Dick, and die." And then some illiterate person removed the commas.

I wanted to add a photo of a penis, but changed my mind. - Dick

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