Thursday, November 17, 2016

For All the Creeps

     I'm so naive, it took me my whole life to realize that there are some people who like to follow you a little more closer than anyone else. They pay a penny more attention than everyone else, and tend to know a lot more about your life.
     I miss the times before all the internet personification of everyone's lives. I like reading someone's work or post without adding that bow on top of "Oh, is this what's going on in their life ... hmmmm..." I thought the art of an observation was precious. Someone's life lesson was an opening or a reminder. Do you understand what I'm saying? I opened a book by a very famous Russian poet the other day, a new edition, with new illustrations, and right smack on the first page (I mean, you can't miss it), it states something like (loose quote): "This piece was written by the author after two years of living with his lover." That ruined a whole part of my childhood right there. Now as I read this piece by this author, all I can think of is, "hmmmm ... what kinda problems were THEY having?! I mean, this is heavy shit right here." How am I supposed to enjoy it now? Assholes.
     Deleted my Facebook, to the sadness of a few creeps. Hard to imagine I would be interesting to anyone at all, but today proved wrong. So for all you creeps, there's a whole WHOLE world out there, a universe you can't out-imagine. Go find it, please, for everyone's sake. And make some art, for my sake.

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