Thursday, May 25, 2017


     She searched everywhere, until finally stumbling upon pink-stone ruins in some unknown city, where small animals (hedgehogs?) took her by her hands, her sides, her legs. They led her up a pink side, and as they walked the stone changed in front of them, like a kaleidoscope, like a dream, a dimension different. Inside, he was sitting at a table, writing and having a cup of, maybe coffee? He was surprised, asking why she keeps finding him. The floor under her feet started to fall away; he was disappearing again ... this was a chance to say something, to stay, to change everything. The door to this world kept closing. He said, "I'm not the one, I only saw you once, brushed against you, you're a girl, don't look for me". The floor was losing color. She was just a girl. And before everything was gone again, she screamed, "I love you!"

Fimbriae of a fallopian tube under microscope. Credit, anyone?

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