Sunday, September 10, 2017

My Monster

     The bar was, to her surprise, completely empty. It was dark, but well decorated with little colorful lights. There was music, but not as advertised - the ad talked of Jazz and Burgers. Not a soul. Why didn't she leave? At the end of the room, in a small office-like space, she saw the owner - naked and fat. Old, hairy and grossly unpleasant to look at, this nuisance was startling. "Do you have any jazz burgers?" - escaped her lips. Fresh, innocent and quite charming, he was amused, fascinated by her.
     From that night on the place was hopping. People came there to be horrified, no other explanation for it. The owner was known for killing and physically abusing almost everyone who came in through the doors. But he never touched her, never said a word to her. And then, one particularly packed night, a young man came from behind and stabbed the owner in the back, through to the heart. The blood spread on his chest like ink on fabric, and he was dead.

photo by 8eighth

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