Tuesday, September 5, 2017

SelfLove & Old Ideas That Never Get Old

     Just woke up from a dream where I was told that everything around me is the way it is because I made it up. I made my life like this. Now, if you were to take this model and apply it to your life, would you say you've shorted yourself? And why would anyone do that - short themselves of life they want? Do I think good things must be deserved? And with what? And how can I convince myself that I do, in fact, I do hold the right to everything magnificent? And how do I now go about building things differently? 

     I believe in myself. I am filled with unconditional love for myself. I shall listen to my heart and live from my heart. I've said it before. I've had a glimpse of that life - it was fearless and full of power. How could I have given that up?

     I'm smiling, I'm full of wonder. My chest is broad, the sun is on my face. My wings are behind me on my back, they're huge! Let go. Feel the space, it's never-ending, it's soft, it's everywhere. Just let go. No more fear. Unroll myself, I'm so-so big, I'm beyond this body. Take the spear out of the heart. Keep the shoulders open to connect again. 

     "I deserve" - does my subconscious believe that I don't? Clear that belief. Put myself first. Ask the heart for the guidance - where did that belief come from? 

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