Friday, June 18, 2021

To Crestone, Baca and beyond

There's an old expression named Comfort Zone. It sounds cozy and safe, while in reality it's our cave of fears that we're used to living in. Let's be honest, we've adapted to it, we're in it. It's not a comfort zone. Please put some thought into this. 

Let's look around us. We're here in the mountains, living in awe of the beauty around us, every day being grateful to be here. It's a tad dry, but still gorgeous, and we're in touch with it. People are great, too. Visitors are kind and thankful. We're so perfect on the outside. 

It used to be lush here, we hear. It was busy with airplanes, money, sageness. And then it dried up. Ever wonder why?

In the past couple of years we had 3 (maybe more) major drug houses disappear from the Baca. But they were there, for years. Some burned down in Moffat. Crestone is now famous not only for the enlightening retreats, but also for a missing young woman, who was raped repeatedly and accidently killed; it's famous for Love has Won; it's famous for its drug use (you just won't find it on the white internet). We have a drug cartel in the Valley. We have people struggling with mental health, right here in our community, committing suicide, or otherwise suffering. There are random people spilling in from nearby places, driving around asking our women for blowjobs. There's never-ending theft. We have youth who seem to be unnoticed, being creative on their own, finding their roles in the world, while we have no youth center in sight, providing just the sidewalks to ride bikes on and to skateboard. The liquor store is a busy, busy hub. Police is a joke. We're in poverty. There are things happening you will never believe me if I told you.

Crestone won't be riding on the Spiritual Center train for long. Look for yourself. 

And you know what can change all of that? Art, music and literature. 

Anyone exposed to mindful art and music and literature for just a few minutes each day will have their lives changed. It's a fact. We need to understand this. 

There are musicians in town sharing their music, their love and their time with all of us. Professional and amateur musicians providing music, entertainment and education. And they're running into political obstacles and neighborly complaints. Everyone needs to be aware of this. 

I am not asking you to get out of your Comfort Zone today and act on the urge to better our town. But I am asking you to start thinking differently. That alone with bring all the lushness and riches back to us. There is a way to live like we belong in this ocean, with ease and grace, without the fear of losing something, or everything.

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