Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Whoever you may be - a phantom of the city, a fog of the valley, a spirit of good intentions, however close you may be to me - as my own thoughts of life&death or as far away as the closest ocean - if you were to plant an idea into my head not so long ago about things "baby", I would have dug it out and handed it right back to you. I would probably have even wrapped it into pretty paper, taped it with a bow, so it could take longer for you to give it again, or more awkward. Yet today I receive packages of baby clothes, research alien concepts of diapers, prepare to exercise my brain with sign language, storm government websites about birth certificates, stare mindlessly at lists of names, I even subjected myself to a doctor ... So maybe now I will learn to flow, to accept, to flex and release, to grow, fall & rise and be happy with all of it. That sounds like a blast! Here's to take off!!!

o, boy

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