Thursday, November 3, 2016

Small observations, great voyage

     Orange and white combination has been popping up everywhere for me, in great amounts and joyous patterns, on all I love.
     Smiling is first and foremost for me, myself, not for other people. For other people second. I want to learn to smile for myself.
     The sky is alive. It's one of those things you've grown up with and pay little attention to. Until it hits you - "Eurika!" I'm alive, the earth is alive, the oceans are alive, the water itself is alive, trees & animals are alive! The sky, therefore, is alive! Talk to me, sky, it's you & I from now on.
     Can't stand it when people don't follow through. In anything. Just finish it already! As in when someone cleans the windows and the spray bottle and towels are left there, forgotten, and unseen when more trash piles up on them. Then it gets topped with a forgotten in excitement shipping box, which lays there until it decomposes. This is where trash sculptures come from, trust me, I know.

Tim Noble, Sue Wester Art. 

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