Friday, November 18, 2016

Where to Pocket my Fears

     So back to the fear of pockets. Is anyone else with me? Come on, aren't you afraid of paper cup sleeves or clouds falling down, or a scary president? I'm afraid of pockets. Not sticking my hands into the unknown depths and iffy darkness full of lint and loud candy wrappers, and sharp matches, and loose sticky tobacco, no. I'm very concerned about pockets' ability to hold things. I'm a girl, and I only own two pairs of pants, that limits my interaction with pockets by a lot. I just don't trust them. The design of pockets seems to carry only one function at a time, which doesn't help my matters. There are just "hand" pockets, for example, those diagonal slits that can't possibly hold anything but your hands and a bad posture. Those will lose my money and my favorite scraps of paper with important information of movie titles and names, and quotes. Guy pockets have to be lined with plastic wrap or something, because they hold their whole livelihoods in there, with no fear. I guess this "fear" is only a mistrust. Maybe if I learn to let go ...

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